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Reliability Consulting

Our equipment reliability consulting services include reliability/predictive maintenance programs design and implementation, reliability/predictive maintenance programs audits and reviews. Capabilities also include component troubleshooting and root cause analysis, oil analysis, analytical data interpretation.We provide reliability economics & engineering upgrades for contamination control, filtration system design, root cause analysis, tribology & wear trending and lubrication excellence program design.

To start, we evaluate the current performance level of the existing fleet maintenance program. Oil analysis is used to determine present wear regimes, presence of contamination (i.e. Oil Analysis will detect sludge, soot, fine-particulate, silt, diesel fuel, water and glycol in the engine oils) and remaining useful life of the lubricants. This practice is aimed at defining and then identifying strengths and weaknesses in specific functional areas of the companies maintenance program. We determine how well these processes are defined and executed by assessing their soundness, consistency with industry best practices and quantitative results in terms of costs, performance and level of satisfaction.

Here’s what you can expect from us:

  • Lubrication Program Development
  • Lubrication Enabled Reliability (LER)
  • Failure Investigation Services
  • Lubricant Analysis
  • General Technical Consulting
  • Oil Analysis Program Development
  • Oil Analysis Benchmarking.