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Our Mission

Our Mission is to effectively increase the life cycle of equipment by implementing improved best practices maintenance program designs. Our recommendations include installing higher performing filtration systems and using higher performing lubricants. We can effectively increase lubricant service intervals from 3-5 times and increase equipment life by 5-10 times.

We offer reliability consulting and lubrication program design to trucking fleets, construction companies, aggregate handlers, and large custom farming operations, As well, anyone with a vehicle or machine that requires lubrication. Our reliability engineers will help companies increase the effective life cycle of their equipment, lower maintenance costs, reduce catastrophic failures and keep the lines in the plant moving.

We can achieve 200,000 km (2500 Hours) engine oil change intervals on large diesel applications and increase the useful life of the engine enough that you would not require an engine rebuild for 50,000 to 60,000 running hours. We know that 60% of engine wear is caused by failure of the lubricant. 80% of these failures are due to lubricant contamination that causes the premature failure of the lubricant, as well the lubricated moving parts of the equipment.

Unlike some reliability engineering companies who sell maintenance software to monitor maintenance data but not offering reliability improvement consulting. The software generally tracks maintenance tasks.

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